Is it OK to Love Coffee?

Of course it is.  It’s not quite the same love as you have for your family, but it is a form of love nevertheless.  At the Bluebird, we love coffee and we know that you do too.  

At the heart of what we aim to provide is the perfect cup that suits you exactly on that exact point in your life.  Do you ever have those moments while holding a warm cup of coffee in your hand, where life is absolutely fantastic?  Your coffee is the perfect drinking temperature, you are comfortable in your body, mind , & surroundings, and with each sip of that coffee you find yourself in a temporary state of bliss?  THAT is what we want for you each and every day and we do our best to fill that part of the equation for you. 

How do we do this?  We pay attention and we care.  We welcome you into our café and we show you that we appreciate your business by serving you the best products and making you to feel at home in our café.  

We use top quality coffee that is 100% organic and 100% fair trade…so it tastes good and it feels good.  Our coffee is roasted to rigorous standards and is served extremely fresh – often the day after roasting - in our café.  In fact, we are so passionate about coffee that we created the roasting company, Silver Sky Coffee, so we can ensure the best coffee products and so we can share that premium coffee product with other shops.

The same goes for our food.  We source organic ingredients where we can and we supplement those organic ingredients with only high quality natural ingredients.  Our sandwiches stand out because we use high quality ingredients and because we take the time to add the special touches that take the sandwich from good to great.  

Our quiche is famous because of the unique, high quality ingredients that we put into it and how we take the extra time to prepare it.  Same goes for our scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast burritos, all of which are made from scratch in our kitchen.

We are constantly refining and rethinking our menu to meet your changing needs.  We offer chocolate treats for the afternoon, cold brew nitro coffee for those hot summer days, and ice cream treats for the kiddos.  Above all, we listen and we appreciate your feedback.

So we welcome you to come by our shop and nurture your love for coffee…it’s OK!

To put that spring in your step and that smile on your face.