What is Nitro Coffee? And What is Cold Brew While We Are At It?

Great questions. To understand Nitro coffee, you first must understand cold brew coffee - because Nitro coffee starts with cold brew coffee.

“Cold brew” is somewhat of a misnomer. We don’t actually brew cold brew coffee in a refrigerator or over ice…the process is usually done at room temperature. I guess they decided to call it Cold Brew because it wasn’t brewed with hot water. And, “Cold Brew” sounds much cooler than “Room Temperature Brew” and we are all about cool in the coffee industry. The process to make Cold Brew is remarkably simple. In a nutshell, you grind coffee,put it in a container, pour in water and then let it sit on your counter for 12-24 hours. This grounds-in- water-sitting-on-your-counter is the brewing… there is no machinery or witchcraft/wizardry involved. When the time is up, you separate the grounds from the liquid and you now have Cold Brew coffee in your hot hands.

Cold Brew coffee pulls out many of the good qualities from the coffee grounds without extracting some of the bad qualities. Most notably, Cold Brew coffee has around two-thirds less acidity than normal coffee and the finished cup is remarkably smooth.

To make Nitro coffee, we take this Cold Brew coffee, put it in a keg and then pressurize the keg with pure nitrogen and then actually cool it. It’s kind of like converting water to soda with a SodaStream except instead of infusing CO2 gas into sugar water, we pump pure nitrogen into Cold Brew coffee.

We then take this cold keg and dispense the Nitro coffee through a tap and into your cup. The result looks (and kind of tastes) like a Guinness Beer. The nitrogen bubbles cause a cascading effect down the side of the cup as they settle down into a deep brown color. The flavor is strong, but smooth and is full of chocolate and nutty flavor notes. It is the perfect elixir on a hot summer day. Cheers!