How to Get Your Christmas Tree Permit from White River National Forest

"Christmas tree permits are now available for sale through the White River National Forest. Any species of conifer trees on national forest land may be harvested, however, people are advised to avoid cutting Colorado Blue Spruce trees. Trees must be taken from at least 100 feet away of any main roads. Trees that are harvested should be shorter than 15 feet in height, cut as close to the ground as possible and stumps should be cleaned of any remaining green branches. One Christmas tree permit is to be used per harvested tree and attached directly to the base before transporting home.


The forest service asks that people do not pick a single tree in a forest opening due to the fact that these are the start of our future forests. It is best to find groups trees and select one from the bunch. Remember to consider the height of the tree as well as the height of the ceiling where the tree will be placed.


Once you are home with your tree, cut roughly one inch off the base of the trunk and immediately place it in water. Water from the tap is perfectly safe to use. Be sure to check the water level multiple times a day during the first week and once a day there after.

For more information, visit any White River National Forest office or go to"

Source: Post Independent